Couples Enrichment Workshop 2020

In-Person Event at Powell House!

Workshop will be limited to a total of 6 couples


A Couples Enrichment Workshop is an opportunity for a couple to focus on their relationship, enhance communication skills, and deepen their appreciation of each other. Couple Enrichment workshops help couples celebrate their relationship’s joys and strengths, and develop skills to deepen and improve them. A Couple Enrichment program is not therapy; it is a way to make good relationships even better. This retreat will be facilitated by Debbie and John Humphries.


Couple Enrichment workshops are open to all couples in a committed relationship, regardless of sexual orientation, marital status, or religious affiliation. Virtually any couple that gives a good faith effort to a Couple Enrichment program can benefit. Even if you’ve participated in a couple enrichment program in the past, many couples find that episodically participating in a Couple Enrichment program enhances their relationship skills and reaffirms their commitment to their partner.


By September 7th: $100/person, optional Friday overnight plus $40/person
After September 7th: $125/person


September 19th, 2020 9:00 AM through  5:00 PM
Event Fee(s)
Adult (Staurday Only) $125.00
Adult (Friday Overnight Included) $165.00
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