The Lamb's War for the Soul of Our Nation

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2:00PM - 4:00PM (Eastern Time) Virtual Workshop


In the last year, we have had to confront over and over the fragility of our country. Whether it is the knowledge that we rely on each other for our health and safety in a pandemic, or the realization that the justice system cannot protect citizens from deadly police action, or the striking images of Confederate flags flying in our nation's capital, we have seen the limits of laws and political processes to create harmony and peace in our nation. Since our exploration of the reality that racism is a spiritual force as much as a political issue in this fall's workshop "The Lamb's War for Racial Justice," we have seen even more starkly the spiritual forces active in our nation, forces that compel people to betray their deepest principles and values. How are we called to confront these forces as Friends? Let's come together to explore concrete strategies and approaches that we can carry into our daily lives as Children of the Light in a dark time.


Adria is a lawyer, mediator, teacher, mother and Young Adult Friend. For the last few years, she has carried a concern for how Friends’ traditional faith and practice translate into an increasingly unstable, atomized and uncertain world. In her ministry activities and in her daily life, Adria is passionate about inviting all into deeper relationship with the Spirit of Christ, which spoke so strongly to early Friends and continues to speak today. She is a member of Chatham-Summit Monthly Meeting (New York Yearly Meeting), the Friends of Jesus Fellowship and the Board of Advisors of Earlham School of Religion. Adria’s blog, In the Shadow of Babylon, can be found at


February 27th, 2021 2:00 PM through  4:00 PM
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