We are in transition now.  We have no more Zoom meetings scheduled until probably mid-July.  Sarah and Martin, along with Chris and Mike, will be facilitating Earthsong on-line for the 7th -12th graders on June 19-21. Earthsong 2020 Online! Sarah and Martin will likely start meeting on-line later in the summer with the different age groups until folks can gather in person once again here at Powell House. 

There are interesting things still going on here.  We saw a hummingbird moth today - our first one we have ever seen.  It is big, colorful and really does look like a hummingbird.  A raccoon has been coming most nights to the roof of the youth center.  It found a way to reach up inside one of the outside walls and has been removing the insulation to take to its own home.  That can't be good for it, and is certainly not good for our building, so we have started climbing out on that roof area and spraying the walls with vinegar.  Lots of vinegar.  Supposedly raccoons don't like the smell. So now the youth center smells like a giant pickle. 

We miss all of you.  We feel a bit melancholy to be here in this beautiful place without the beautiful people that should also be here.  We have taken a bunch of our old sea shells that we had saved and put them out in the woods.  So when you come back and find mysterious sea shells in the forest, you will know we are thinking of you! 

In Friendship,

Mike Clark & Chris DeRoller

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